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Zach: Michael Berresse
Larry: Tyler Hanes

Don: Brad Anderson
Maggie: Mara Davi
Mike: Jeffery Schecter
Connie: Yuka Takara
c0066171_18463992.jpg Cassie: Charlotte d’ Amboise
Sheila: Deidre Goodwin
Bobby: Ken Alan
Bebe: Alisan Porter
Judy: Heather Parcells
Richie: James T. Lane
Al: David Baum*
Kristine: Lyndy Franklin*
Val: Jessica Lee Goldyn
Mark: Paul McGill
Paul: Jason Tam
Diana: Natalie Cortez

Tricia: Michelle Aravena
Roy: Joey Dudding*
Tom: Mike Cannon
Butch: E.Clayton Cornelious
Lois: Nadine ISenegger
Vicki: Pamela Fabello*
Frank: Grant Turner



c0066171_1846964.jpgDon worked in stripe joins before dancing in the shows, an he tells of an affair he had with an older stripper.

Maggie like Sheila, Maggie hails from a troubled home, and fantasized about a father figure, an Indian chief with whom she danced around the living room.

Mike is Italian, and was first exposed to dance when he tagged along to his sister’s dance class. He soon realized he could do what he saw his sister doing, and do it even better.

Connie never grew tall eough to be a ballerina, but she has no problem getting work in shows because of her ability to play parts several years her junior.

Greg describes himself as “very East Side”. He realized as a teenager that he was a homosexual. Greg is very droll and witty.

c0066171_18462424.jpgCassie, A talented stand-out dancer who had acquired a reputation in featured roles in two Broadway shows, Cassie now needs a job. She went out to California, did bit roles, and nothing happened for her. She now wants to star over again and be given the chance to do the only thing that means anything to her. Zach tells her she in incapable of dancing like everybody else, but she insists on putting herself on his line: despite her past relationship with him.

Sheila’s mother wanted to be a ballerina, and when she was thwarted in her ambitious by her husband, she took it upon herself to make her daughter what she had wanted to be. Sheila saw The Red Shoes and wanted to dance. But she also used dance as a means to escape her unpleasant family situation. Strong, aggressive but troubled, she is nearing thirty, and is full of sharp ripostes that mask awareness that she may not be able to continue dancing in the chorus much longer.
Bobby: As a child, Bobby gave strange recitals in his garage and broke into people’s home to rearrange the furniture. He was unable to live up to his father’s expectations that he would be an athelete.

Bebe. From Boston, she was told by her mother that she was “different” looking and she looked to ballet to make her beautiful.

Judy made her father laugh when she danced around the living room, and she is now ready for Broadway.

Richie. He won basketball scholarship to college, almost became a kindergarden teacher; but decided to channel his obvious energy to dance.

Al is Kristine’s husband, far more relaxed than his wilfe is. He is from working class background.

Kristine: She danced as a child whenever the radio was on at home. Her one carreer obstacle is her inability to sing well, and she tends toward hysteria.

Val, Cute adorable pert. She dreamed becoming a Rockette, but when she came to New York, her looks prevented her from getting her work in spite of considerable dance skills. She then purchased that which her Creator had failed from provide.

Mark shared his memories of adolescent sexual awakening, in particular his recollection of misinterpreting a wet dream as gonorrhea. An innocent kid.

Paul; After early sexual experience s with strangers in 42nd street movie palaces, Paul quit school because his effeminacy caused others to mock him. He found work in cheap drag revue, concealing the nature of his job from his parents. When they discovered the truth, they were somehow able to accept him for what he was. Paul is shy, suffers from the indignities of his past.

Diana is Puerto Rican. She attended the High School of Perforiming Arts, where she encounterd a teacher who adviced her that she would never make it in show business. Near the end, she stands up for the excitement and glory of dancing on Broadway despite all the hardships.

*Interview with each cast on B'way.comはココ
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